TreeBlaskted Oak

Arrow Making Tutorial

  1. Shafts
  2. Feathers
  3. Nocks & Points
  4. Tools
  5. Shaft Preperation
  6. Lacquering
  7. Nocking
  8. Fletching
  9. Tipping

Medieval Arrows



Attach the point. If using a hot melt glue, hold the glue in an open flame for a few seconds until you can see the glue beginning to melt. Rub glue around the tapered area of the shaft. Since the glue cools quickly you will need to hold the point in the flame to remelt the glue while it is on the shaft, have a pair of pliers nearby. Be careful that you don’t get the shaft to close, as the lacquer will catch on fire! After a few seconds you can remove the arrow from the flame, use the pliers to press the tip firmly onto center of the shaft. Once the tip has cooled down the arrow is ready to shoot.


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