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I prefer to teach and play medieval card games, my favorites being Losing Loadum, Gleek, Laugh and Lie Down, and Tarot.  I am also very fond of the tables games (backgammon) particularly Astronomical tables (7-player backgammon) and The World (4-player backgammon).  I have made a few board using modern materials and techniques (e.g. silk screen, leather and glue, and printed directly onto canvas), but I am working on some medieval boards and pieces.  I am slowly working on a set of glass Tafl (Viking chess) pieces.
For rules and handouts to various games that I have taught and play, please visit, For game classes, I generally use, with permission, handouts written by Michel Wolffauer.

Astronomical Tables (7 player backammon) Board. Made of leather and felt.



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